Sun Tzu and Entrepreneurship

What’s your battle cry? Are you serene and inscrutable, or open and transparent? Do you see business as needing a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles, or a game plan for the team?

In a world where alpha male arrogant entrepreneurs like the founder of Uber tend to get the attention and the money – even while he’s kicking up the sand, is that the winning pose? He’s approached the taxi industry as something to conquer.

Or is it more subtle?

Every entrepreneur has a choice: Disrupt or Engage? Throw over the apple cart, rip the industry to shreds, and build a new world? Or engage and extend the existing industry and infrastructure? Focus on the unit economics and be capital efficient.

At the EntrepreneurCountry Forum on the 3rd of February, we’ll show again many successful Davids and Goliaths. We’ll showcase a variety of models of building businesses and partners to climb the mountain with.

As we heard Bill Roedy say in his keynote at last year’s EntrepreneurCountry Forum: ‘If you want to take the mountain, you have to want to take the mountain!’