Palo Alto Goes Global

EntrepreneurCountry Global is a global community of digital innovators, thought leaders and investors. Our partners, who include Filemaker, Dell, Santander, and Smith & Williamson, work with us to empower our entrepreneurial community. Our social mission is to connect select high growth digital enablers, whom we call Davids, with world leading corporate brands, the Goliaths, to accelerate their pace of innovation. We call this model the Ecosystem EconomicsTM.

EnterpreneurCountry Forum is a day of inspirational talks and panel discussions designed to bring together innovative digital start ups (“Davids”) with established corporate enablers (“Goliaths”). Held at the prestigious Royal Institution of Great Britain since 2011, the event has seen numerous high-profile speakers share their business insights, among them Martha Lane Fox, Mike Lynch, Saul Klein, Theo Paphitis and Jo Malone.

On the 30th September , The Entrepreneur Country Forum welcomed more than 400 entrepreneurs and investors to learn, network and engage with high profile speakers and business owners. The theme was ‘Palo Alto Goes Global’ with a day of keynotes and panels to discuss the future of tech entrepreneurialism outside of Silicon Valley. The world is becoming more and more flat. Entrepreneurs who change not just the world, but major industries, can come from any corner on the planet. Skype put Estonia on the map for example. Todays challenge is to take Palo Alto to the world and we must open source the tools to win. Our corporates must become a legitimate highway for the digital cars who are looking for distribution. We must desire to become the industry architects and to position our companies as the operating systems of their industry.

This year marked yet another selection of amazing speakers hailing from a range of backgrounds. Saul Klein, co-founder and CEO of Lovefilm delivered a keynote along with George Coelho, MD of Goof Energies and co founder of Balderton Capital.

Other speakers included: Steve Pateman, Head of UK Banking for Santander, George Freeman MP and Freddie Talbery CEO of PIE Mapping.

The vibrant networking sessions featured a selection of exciting exhibitors with Santander, InvestHK, Bloom VC, and Rackspace all in attendance.