EntrepreneurCountry Global March Forum 2014

The Forum significantly exceeded my expectations through the calibre of the speakers and the content of their presentations; I came away from the event highly motivated and have found myself talking about many of the topics with friends in the weeks since. I will try and bring several friends/contacts to the next Forum event!

Mark Rushmore, Managing Partner, Zerotwonine


It was a great day, superbly organised and i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chris Donegan, Venture Catalyst, Fraserburgh Consulting


Very thought provoking.

Richard Knight, Founder, 5 point plus


Canning House puts on between 60 and 70 events per annum so we know a thing or two about events and I was extremely impressed by the whole Forum. All the organisers deserve huge congratulations.

Robert Capurro, CEO, Canning House


Excellent event, really thought-provoking.

Catherine Spitzer, COO


Overall it was a fabulous event, with a great panel of speakers and an interesting mix of delegates….. a great day and I hope to attend the next event and become more actively involved in Entrepreneur Country.

Gary Seager, Non-Exec Finance Director, Go City Girl


Good stuff - Rene and Bill were excellent. Will return.

Kurt Lars, Head of Business Development, Vulture Studios, Germany


Top notch!

Angela Wharton, CEO/Founder, Angela’s Bespoke Boutique



EntrepreneurCountry Global September Forum 2013

Congratulations on a great event.

Allanah Smith, Director, GetP3M Ltd


One of the very best Entrepreneur events I've attended.

Mark Clift, CEO, Cyberport


...it was an interesting and thought provoking day...

Bryan Raven, CEO, White Light


Julie and George were inspiring and thought provoking...

Paul Brown, CEO, MHI


A very well organised event which I personally found beneficial, useful and relevant.

Alex Podgorski, Founder, Planitcloud


Speaker quality and content was generally excellent...

Graham Blaney, Founder, Buying Butler


Please let me know about the next event...

Arielle Lowe, Associate, Alumni Oil and Gas Ltd


A strong event with the focus on entrepreneurship across all sizes of business and as a unique value add.

Adrian Kelly, Founder, Troco



EntrepreneurCountry Global February Forum 2013


Great variety of speakers and personalities. Great to have presentations from businesses at various stages of their lifecycle

Lucy Burnford, Founder, Motoriety UK Ltd


As usual, the quality of the speakers was extremely impressive. Very inspirational.

Chris Wigglesworth, CEO, Coursecheck Ltd


It was the first time that I attended - I liked it very much so I decided to come back in September!

Rita Jaskolla, Author & Speaker, TA Consulting


It was really well done. I’ve been to quite a number of entrepreneurial events, and few have been as inspiring as this. Really super event, well done.

Stefan Cordiner, CEO / Co-Founder, Lime&Tonic


Great line up of speakers

Stephane Amberg, Developer, Cabsher


Looking forward to following the journey

Jeff Francis, Director, Beta Omega Ltd


Yet another superb event! I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I know that many of my fellow entrepreneurs did too. Great location, organisation and speaker line-up. Huge thank you to the EC team.

Agnes Cserhati, Founder, AC PowerCoaching


Some excellent keynote speakers with common and thought-provoking themes arising during the forum. I left the session feeling that it was a very worthwhile day.

Paul Drummond, Director, Partpulse Ltd


A very worthwhile day - interesting, thought-provoking and packed with very good networking opportunities.

Martin Groak, CEO, Marker Management Services Ltd


I enjoy the forum very much, it always sends me home with ideas to improve my business, and did not disappoint this time.

Abigail Bromell, Partner, Charterhouse


Good mix of speakers covering different areas.

May Al-Karooni, Director, Globechain.com



EntrepreneurCountry Global September Forum 2012


This is my first forum and it has been absolutely fascinating. The range of speakers is great and it is good to hear from people who have gone out and faced so many challenges.

Ivor Gibbons, Head of Membership and Key Relationships, Tomorrow's Company


It’s been very interesting and I really like the mix of so many different types of entrepreneurs.

Simon Hill, CEO and Founder, Wazoku


For me it is always important to hear from people who have done it all before. I'm looking forward to hearing Bruce Dickinson speak and to find out more about his views and experiences.

Andreas Bauer, Founder and MD, four40


The event has been very stimulating and I like the relationship between nitty gritty business advice coupled with an urgency to keep moving forward. There has been a tremendously rich mix and meeting likeminded people helps. It's inspiring but it is also pragmatic.

Victor Moreno, Chairman, Vistage International


A key learning after speaking to a few people is to keep at it, get out there and it is down to us as entrepreneurs to make sure we all succeed.

Nigel Quantick, CEO, GroupSetUp


The psychology of the high-level speakers at the event was really a great insight for other entrepreneurs in attendance but also for large companies, where there are often 'entrepreneurial' situations which are a victim of some of the drag-factors a couple of the speakers mentioned. I very much appreciated the event - it was very inspiring and everyone added value to the proceedings.

Felicity Kerridge, Owner of Pinkwine Ltd


The content, the speakers, the attendees and the venue were really fantastic and everything was well presented. Great event.

Marc Ortmans, Founder and CEO of IdeaspaceGlobal


A very inspirational event for entrepreneurs and one of the best I have attended. The level of entrepreneurs was very high and it was almost impossible not to come away and feel like taking on the world!

Piers Mummery, Director of MTwo Ventures Limited


I found out about the event from the university's business society and bought a ticket straight away. I came to gain advice and inspiration for a business I have just set up and to hear from the speakers.

Rami Darwee, Business Masters Student, University of Nottingham


Would I recommend to a college? Yes, but only after I got over wanting to keep this to myself!  The conference was excellent value, great advice and inspiring to know that although 364 days of the year I feel I am battling through on my own, there are others feeling the same way.  I stayed all day, which for me and my attention span was a ringing endorsement. Bruce Dickinson was absolutely on the money.

Jay Thorogood-Cooper, Managing Director, BLOOM